• 04/03/2024

Whiners Anonymous: (aka The Successful Home Business Owner Association)

Whiners Anonymous: (aka The Successful Home Business Owner Association)

Tired of your job? Stop whining and do something about it. Those who whine often see little change. Those who do not whine seek a way to make things better, and then a new idea and business is born. Suddenly we have an entrepreneur, and if the thinker is a great money manager, a millionaire is born. How do these individuals move from a place of dissatisfaction to entrepreneur? It all starts with a great idea and blossoms with motivation and the desire to succeed.

The dissatisfied non-whiners will start small. They test their idea with friends and family. They talk to a smart business man or mentor about the idea and seek educated, informed opinions. These non-whiners weigh the advice of the wise carefully. They do not jump in with both feet, but they start slow and small. Once they have tested the idea with a mentor, they test the business on friends and family. They ask for a test group from those who will give them honest feedback. If the idea tests well with the test group, they move into the open market. This entire time, the typical non-whiner still has an income-producing job. He does not just quit his job one day and decide to test an idea. But he uses his income from the cruddy job to fund his idea, thus increasing his chances of success.

Once the non-whiner discovers that he has a successful product in the open market, he works hard to continue to market his product smartly, and he stays out of debt. What? Don’t good businesses borrow other people’s money to make money? Not really. A good business owner will work from the ground up and will only invest the money that he or she has instead of borrowing and hoping to pay back his or her lender. While this may cause the business to grow slowly, it gives the home business a rock solid foundation. The day that business declines due to a slow economy, the business owner can rest easy because he owes no one anything.

Finally, the successful small business owner continues to keep working. He never quits, and he never slows down. When business is going great, he does not just quit and believe that he has arrived, but he always searches for a new angle, a new way to meet the needs of his consumer. He looks for gaps or holes in his current product, and he seeks ways to serve his clients.

Ultimately, successful home business owners are a smart, savvy, hard working group of individuals. Anyone can join them, but doing so takes discipline and wisdom. And we can only gain that by hanging out with the wise and disciplined. Thus if you seek to succeed in the world of home business, find the wisest, most disciplined business owner you know, and ask him or her if he or she will mentor you. Then sit down, and soak in some knowledge.