• 21/02/2024

Tips On How To Do Magic Tricks For Free!

Tips On How To Do Magic Tricks For Free!

I’m often asked what the best way to start to learn how to do magic tricks would be, and although it can be different from person to person, I’m sure I can provide a few hints and tips that may help and probably more importantly, – what you should try to avoid.

I think the most important thing to do when just starting to dabble in magic, is to learn a few simple magic tricks that can be done without having to use any gimmicked apparatus or special props. I mean magic tricks that can be done using ordinary items that can often be borrowed and handed out for examination after the miracle has been performed.

This can be really stunning for any lay audience, as they are so used to seeing magic tricks and illusions on TV and video, where fancy and often expensive props are used and also where camera tricks and clever editing are used to create a more exciting TV program.

I’m sure you’re well aware that most magic can be purchased from reputable magic suppliers and you’ll also know that the cost of most magical secrets is usually very high. (Often very expensive)

So how can you possibly learn how to do magic tricks without spending a great deal of money for these secrets and when most top magicians will just not explain how their magic tricks are done.

Most magicians first started to do magic tricks after receiving a small magic set, but unfortunately the typical magic set is usually made up totally of “self-working” tricks, with trick cards and boxes etc., none of which can be examined by the audience after the trick has been shown, and so there’s the problem and worry of having to hide your tricks as soon as you finish each one.

For a beginner this creates a problem, especially among friends and classmates, who are always desperate to examine the magical props and try to find out “how it’s done”.

So that’s why I suggest learning some simple magic tricks with ordinary everyday objects that can often be borrowed and then freely handed out for examination. Ordinary everyday items like coins, pens, banknotes and such like, appear to be beyond any suspicion of trickery and doing magical things with them is so very effective and yet often very simple.

This really adds tremendously to the magic and of course, as most professional magicians will tell you, – “the simple effects are the ones that are usually the most stunning to the audience and in my experience, get the best response”.

Some of the best items to use to amaze your friends are coins, banknotes, pens, rope etc. and there are a few basic skills that are so easy to learn and will very quickly allow you to vanish and exchange coins and several small objects.

One of these basic skills is known as the “French Drop”, which is what all magicians use to vanish and exchange small items like coins, keys, balls etc. So I would certainly recommend that one of the first things that you should practice, as a beginner, is just that (French Drop) and coupled with the simple Palming of a coin.

This will allow you to carry out a nice magic routine with borrowed coins etc. and will leave you “Clean” at the end of the effects. It will also get you out of difficulty when you are expected to do something magical.

This is magic that requires no props or fancy apparatus and there are now many great magical Websites where you can learn hosts of magic tricks for free.

In fact I set up my own Magic Website with the soul purpose of passing on my experience and knowledge to help all those eager would-be magicians to enjoy the sheer joy and pleasure of performing magic and entertaining others.

So in today’s digital Internet world you can get some amazing and exciting magic for free if you just search for and visit the right magic websites. – So go ahead and look around and welcome to the wonderful world of magic.