• 21/02/2024

The Worst Home Based Business Idea

The Worst Home Based Business Idea

The Internet is filled to the brim with articles that talk about the best, the most useful, and of course the utterly creative home base business ideas possible. While each and everyone who is trying to succeed online will do well to read up on these items and follow sage advice as well as common sense, there are some ideas that may work for some people, but for others they will turn disastrous. In a very real way, they are the worst home base business idea anyone could have.

To ensure your success with your home base business idea and to help you discern whether it is a good idea or perhaps not such a good idea, here is a list of don’ts that you will do well to heed:

1. The worst home base business idea possible is to sell something or do something you neither enjoy nor believe in. For example, if you are considering the business of selling personal protection plans for the legal field, you need to believe in the product. If you think that it is an over prized service that most folks do not really need, you will be wasting your time and those of your clients – who, by the way, will be able to tell if you are just putting in your time in order to make a sale or if you passionately believe in the product. Similarly, if you hate sales calls, then this is decidedly the wrong home business to try out.

2. Any home base business idea is a bad idea if you lack the financing required to adequately get it off the ground and instead contemplate risky and potentially disastrous personal financial moves. Taking out a second mortgage on your home, dipping into your retirement savings, and maxing out your credit cards are examples of risky financial moves that will cause you years, or decades, of grief and the risk of failure far outweighs the chance of success. For every success story that talks about the down and out mom of five who used her last dime and kid’s college fund to get her now multi million dollar business off the ground, there are at least 100 such moms who will have lost that last dime and children’s college fund and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

3. If your latest home base business idea is little more than the flavor of the month and you have already tried out so many and wasted a lot of time and resources on succeeding with a home base business, you might find that until you are certain of what you really want to do, any idea will be bad. Fortunately, there is a plethora of personality tests online that you can take to find out what you would enjoy doing and what you are good at. Also, take the time to talk to your friends and family – the ones who know you best and will tell you the truth even if it hurts – to find out what they can see you do. You might be surprised!

Last but not least, any home base business idea that takes away the little time you have for your children, your family, your local faith community, and your enjoyment of life is one idea that is bad and should not be followed. Your children will be small only once; your family needs you now; your spirituality is more important than anything else, and your enjoyment of life dictates your wellbeing. Do not jeopardize any of them by following a fleeting notion of quick success only to turn around a few years later to realize that you missed out on a lot more than you can ever hope to gain back.