• 04/03/2024

The Rich Jerk – Just A Jerk Or Worth The Hype?

The Rich Jerk – Just A Jerk Or Worth The Hype?

You can’t seem to do a search for home business, online marketing or get rich quick schemes these days without hearing something about the Rich Jerk. There are articles ranging the spectrum from ranting about his “bad attitude” used to market his product, right up to glowing testimonies about how much money people are making in a day thanks to his advice. Some people certainly may find his blunt, arrogant way of bringing his point across to be somewhat offensive and unnecessary. For those of us who have practically fallen asleep reading some of the other boring, uninformative e-books about making money online; or the over-hyped sales letters for get rich quick schemes, the Rich Jerk is a welcome alternative.

I came across his e-book about a month ago while looking into possible home business ideas, like so many of us these days that are hoping to start making money online, I had spent countless hours searching for something real. I was impressed to find that the information he gave actually made sense, with little to none of the html confusion of other e-books I’d struggled through. He also didn’t waste time like some e-book authors by going through the most basic details of how to build a website, or explaining in great detail how adsense works. With all of the different site-building programs and D.I.Y web-hosting companies these days, truly anyone can build a good looking website, and Google has plenty of help when it comes to adsense. (There are also some really great e-books on the net if you are looking for something specifically about adsense.) I’ve read e-books that were supposed to be about online marketing, but consisted of nothing more than a few pages telling you to; a) build a website, b) join an affiliate program, c) join adsense. There wasn’t even any real info on how to go about doing those these things, and yet the comment was made in the script that “I know you paid a lot of money for this”. No wonder people are skeptical of get rich quick schemes.

What information does the Rich Jerk give you for your purchase price?

• How to choose which affiliate programs to promote, and a listing of the best affiliate networks to join.

• Pay-Per-Click and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, useful for any type of website.

• Advice on creating and selling your own e-book/product, and selling other companies products on e-Bay.

• A full chapter for “beginners” to expand on all the topics, and make further suggestions for success.

• A list of affiliate products and programs he personally recommends to aid you in your venture, and some alternative online business opportunities for the more adventurous.

This may not sound like a lot of information, and while the Rich Jerk is only 47 pages, there is more useable info included than in some books twice the size. There’s a very good reason as to why so many articles and reviews have been written about this product, if you’re looking to start an online business, it is worth your time and money to read this e-book.

As for the issue of the Rich jerk’s “attitude”, it’s called anti-marketing. While people like to complain about it, it does get results. It grabs your attention when you’re looking at a bunch of run-of-the-mill ads. After all, you’re taking the time to read about him right now, just as I’m taking the time to write about him, so he’s achieved his goal. It’s also a matter of doing what works for you; celebrities have been doing this sort of thing for decades. (We can all easily come up with a half dozen or more names that are remembered for exactly this tactic.) I personally felt that it was refreshing to have someone be blunt and honest about what is deemed by some to be a get rich quick program. Make no mistake. What the Rich Jerk talks about is a legitimate online business, which will require you to spend some money before you can start making money.

Please understand that any online business or home business is going to take some work, regardless of what you’re promoting; and it will take some time to actually start making money. The Rich Jerk does have some great ideas for how to make it all a lot easier though, and a lot more affordable too.