• 05/10/2023

The Perfect Mum

The Perfect Mum

Chrysanthemums are very popular perennials. You can
get mums in a variety of colors as well as in various
growths all the way from the smaller dwarf plants all
the way up to the Maxi-Mums.

These plants are very easy to grow so they would be
good for a beginner gardener to try. If taken care of
correctly, they will give you years of enjoyment.

Make sure you choose an appropriate variety, plant
your mums in a sunny, well-drained location and
protect them during the winter.

Planting Time

The best time to plant your chrysanthemums is after
the danger of frost has passed. You are able to use
small plants that you have obtained from rooted
cuttings or divisions or you may even use the larger
container plants that you have bought from nurseries.

The chrysanthemums may be put in the ground at anytime
in the spring, summer or even during the early fall.

Soil, Site, and Fertilizer

Garden mums will grow very well in a variety of soils
but they must all have excellent drainage conditions.
Mums also enjoy sunny locations. Try to mix in two to
four inches of peat moss or compost into the soil. If
you only use peat moss, then try to add a fertilizer
in the spring.


If your mums are pruned or pinched on a regular basis,
then they will have a bushy and compact plant form.
The traditional method includes pinching out the tip
in order to induce branching so that stockier plants
will be produced.

All pinching must be completed by the 4th of July to
assure that your plant flowers before the frost.