• 09/12/2023

The Nintendo Wii’s Last Hurrah (Sad, Isn’t It?)

The Nintendo Wii’s Last Hurrah (Sad, Isn’t It?)

If you follow new game releases like I do, then you’ve probably noticed that major releases for the Wii have begun to taper off lately. You also might have heard rumors (or more) about the Wii’s successor codenamed the “Wii U” that’s potentially slated for a late 2012 release which might be the reason for a stoppage of Wii titles to make way for the new console. Sadly whether the Wii’s successor is released 2012 or later, this means the Wii is potentially reaching the end of its new release life. However, the Wii still has some high powered releases up its sleeve set for mid to late 2012 that push the system to its limits with their graphical styles and gameplay.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a huge open world RPG game that absolutely pushes the Wii to its hardware limits. The single player game is described as having an “MMORPG” sized world to explore in a completely “go anywhere” sandbox style of exploration. It really gives you a thrill of excitement to cross the grassy fields and navigate the “mountain” trails as you explore the cities and wilds that have grown on the bodies of two giants frozen in time fighting in the middle of an endless ocean. If you like exploring open world games or enjoy a rich fantasy setting, then this one is for you.

The Last Story is another fantasy RPG, but of a completely different kind. Set for a mid-summer (July) release, it follows the tale of a group of treasure hunters fighting more for their own benefit than any grand ideals of saving the world like most fantasy heroes might. The game features some of the most stunning environments seen on the Wii and a tactical battle system unlike any other. As your party approaches enemies, you can coordinate attacks, take cover, ambush, destroy terrain, and use many other tactics on the fly to defeat them in incredibly strategic fights. Fans of tactical RPGs will have a tough time putting this one down.

One of the last major title releases is Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, a direct sequel to the first Epic Mickey game. Instead of being enemies, Micky teams up with Oswald Rabbit in an epic adventure through the Disney Wasteland’s forgotten attractions. Featuring drop in drop out co-op, a huge focus of the game is based around how you play (much like the first game). The choices you make and the way you play the game will influence how the story flows and progresses. If the sequel is any bit as good as the original, it stands to be a great platformer and a worthwhile release to look forward to this Fall (October).

The Wii has had years of fantastic releases and even if it looks like the end is in sight, there’s still quite a few blockbuster titles waiting in store for us. Do yourself a favor and make sure to preorder these games, you don’t want to miss out on some of the best the Wii still has to offer.