• 28/11/2023

Soccer Balls For Every Use

Soccer Balls For Every Use

As long as there have been children, someone in every corner of the world has been kicking a ball, or some semblance of one, around the ground, at or through a target. Soccer balls have been improvised from every conceivable source, including animal skulls and bladders, coconuts, and even human skulls.

Over the decades every type of animal skin, including the obvious leather, was used as a means to keep the ball more closely rounded. In 1836, Charles Goodyear developed and patented vulcanized rubber, and by 1855, he had translated his discoveries into the designing of rubber soccer balls.

Fast forwarding through the years, we now have exceptional balls, sanctioned by FIFA, The Federation of International Football Associations. In a statement regarding the importance of a good ball to a good game, the February 28, 1988 of FIFA Magazine states, “The football is more than just stitched leather.There can be no game of football without a ball and the better the ball, the better the game.”

The FIFA mark on a soccer ball is an assurance of rigorous testing towards a ball of proven quality standards and performance. Today’s players depend on the FIFA mark of excellence in all levels of play, both recreationally and in the competitive arena.

Another recognized mark for choosing a soccer ball that will stand up to long field time and weather extremes is the NFHS, which is the National Federation for High School Associations, a sanctioning body for all high school sports, including soccer.

Soccer balls come in both leather, widely recognized as the best ball for numerous reasons, such as shape retention and weather resistance, and also in synthetic leather, which can be a viable choice for the beginning recreational player. Once the player has come to recognize the difference in ball handling though between the natural and synthetic leather ball, it will be time to make the move up to one of the many available to choose from in every color and necessary size.

The top three sellers, and most readily available in sporting stores as well on from online retailers, are Adidas, Bremen and Nike. Among those, it is Adidas that offers the public the opportunity to play with the same ball used in Major League Soccer games, the +Teamgeist. It retails for 130.00, so although, it may not be the first ball you buy, it is sure to be one you will find delightful to work with once you have tried it. It offers superior reaction, spherical retention, and it may be the most accurate football ever produced. Proponents of this ball claim no other ball can compare with the +Teamgeist in flawless performance, both on the ground and in the air.

Many of the high end balls are only available in size 5, the adult size, with a few expanding their repertoire to include the smaller size 4 ball. To get the youth starter ball in the requisite size 3, the consumer can expect to pay only 10.00 to 20.00 for a great beginner ball, in many choices of colors. Puma and Lotto have long been good choices in the entry level range of ball, offering fine performance and durability for the money.