• 05/10/2023

Shopping in Niagara Falls

Shopping in Niagara Falls

Shopping is one of the activities that most women love to do. Women require no second thoughts if we talk about shopping. Although men do sometimes like to shop, women are the ones who love it the most wherever and whenever. Shopping during your vacation in a different place makes it more exciting, don’t you agree? If you are having a vacation in Niagara Falls, what could possibly be the things you can purchase? Let’s find out.

Shopping in Niagara Falls may take you to shops like antique, candy, china and glassware, collectibles, duty-free, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, florist, gifts and keepsakes, hair salon and esthetics, online shops, shopping malls, shopping outlets, souvenirs, spas, specialty shops and services, and wine and spirits. Most of the shops mentioned above can be found at our own place. So, we will take a look at the shops that sells items we can’t find back home like the antique, candy, china and glassware, and souvenir shops and see what we can buy from these them. Let’s start with the Antiques. There are 3 antique shops where you can do your shopping in Niagara Falls:

The Tim’s Place Antiques – located in 4327 Queen St. Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2K9

Olde Country Antiques – a family owned store operating for 30 years. It opens from Thursday to Sunday, Monday and Wednesday is by appointment. The address is 4604 Erie Ave Niagara Falls ON L2E 3N4

Olde Coach House Antiques – transform your home from an old piece of furniture at this antique shop located at 61 Queenston Niagara Falls, ON Canada

The Fantasy Fudge Factory is more than just a candy shop. It is a Fantasy Fudge Factory that offers a superb sweet selection of traditional favorites such as fudge, candy apples, and more. Visitors can also find their favorite toys from Beanie Babies to Barbies. This factory is located at 4960 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls ON L2G 3N4.

For your China and Glassware shopping in Niagara Falls, Rossi Glass is the place to go. It has been in the business over 15 years now and specializes in hand-blown and handmade glass designs, which means each piece is different from the other. It’s a perfect place to shop for gifts for your mother, wife, sister or friends. The collections in this shop are also best as collectibles.

Make your souvenir shopping in Niagara Falls at Souvenir Palace, Niagara’s biggest souvenir and gift store. It’s located at 5640 Ferry Street Niagara Falls ON Canada L2G1S6.

Mounted Police Trading Post is where you can find official RCMP outpost authentic mounted police merchandise and souvenirs and is located at 5685 Falls Ave. Niagara Falls ON L2E 6W7.

Shopping in Niagara Falls is like shopping in other places you have been to, but one thing unique is that they have merchandise that we can’t find back home and this is what makes shopping exiting. Exploring and discovering things unfamiliar to you make the activity fun, just like shopping.