• 09/12/2023

Secret Of The Millionaire Mind . . . Yes, You Can Box It Up!

Secret Of The Millionaire Mind . . . Yes, You Can Box It Up!

Secret of the millionaire mind. Wouldn’t you love to go into a store and ask for that? “I’d like one secret of the millionaire mind, please.” Just box it up.

Well, unfortunately, Nordstrom’s doesn’t sell the secret of the millionaire mind. In fact, you can’t get it in any store.

But . . .

That doesn’t mean you can’t box it up.

You just have to box it up yourself! You’ll find out how to do that in a second. But first, a few words about the secret of the millionaire mind.

The secret of the millionaire mind isn’t as mysterious as many people think it is. It’s not some elusive state that only a few special people can access.

In fact, it’s simply the combination of a certain attitude and a certain emotional state. You can easily create both of these for yourself.

The attitude you need for a millionaire mindset is an attitude of possibility.

In all situations, you must see what CAN be done instead of what CAN’T be done. You must see possible opportunities. You must see possibly successes. You must be open to possible solutions to problems.

The emotional state of the millionaire mind is a state of enthusiastic expectation. Millionaires don’t feel desperate about money. They feel excited about it. They have enormous enthusiasm for money and all the ways they can find to make it.

Millionaires don’t just wish for money. They expect it.

When you combine an attitude of possibility with enthusiastic expectation, you’ve grabbed the secret of the millionaire mind. Now that you’ve grabbed it, all you have to do is box it up.

Here’s how you do that:

Get yourself a “magic box.”

A magic box can be any box you want it to be. You can make a box or buy a box.

It can be a beautiful box, a classic box, a silly box, or a wild box. Just be sure it’s a box that delights you.

My magic box is a hatbox with a Winnie the Pooh motif because I think Winnie the Pooh is magical.

Use whatever tickles your fancy.

Once you have your box, fill that box with things that represent the kind of millionaire life you want to live. You can put pictures in the box. You can put lists in the box. You can put mock-ups of things, diagrams, trinkets, miniatures, play money. Use your imagination.

Remember, being a millionaire isn’t just about money. It’s about having a certain lifestyle. What would you do if you had the total financial freedom to do whatever you wanted?

You want to put representations of these things into your box.

And don’t dismiss the power of the magic box (which, by the way, can be used for manifesting anything, not just millions).

Here’s a few of the things that were in my box a few years ago:

–Three paper back books with my name pasted on the cover in place of the author’s name.

–Several one dollar bills.

–A little bottle of massage oil.

–A small bouquet of silk flowers.

–My list of 116 qualities that I wanted in a man.

–Pictures of happy couples

–The topper of a wedding cake.

These items represented two of the things I wanted the most—a good income from published books and a loving husband. I have those things in my life now.

The magic box is an excellent way to take the secret of the millionaire mindset and “box it up” in hands-on way that can create real millionaire results in your life.

Of course, the box alone, nor the millionaire mindset for that matter, are enough to make you a millionaire. You must take action. The best action you can take to start with is to turn your mind into a powerful magic wand to create what you want in your life.

You’ve heard about the Midas Touch? You can create the millionaire touch when you can get your mind working for you.

So get started with your magic box. Once it’s filled with what you want, it will also be filled with the secret of the millionaire mind.