• 03/10/2023

Ring In The Holidays The Right Way With The Nutcracker Tickets

Ring In The Holidays The Right Way With The Nutcracker Tickets

There are countless traditions in relation to the holiday season, and one of the most cherished is the use of The Nutcracker tickets to see a timeless seasonal classic. This Russian ballet has been thrilling audiences worldwide for generations, and the story is one of fantasy, suspension of belief, high-end performance and seasonal holiday cheer. A look at the history of the production and the story itself will help explain why The Nutcracker is as beloved as it is around the world.

History of The Nutcracker

The original story was written by German author E.T.A. Hoffman in 1816. The story existed in its original form for most of the 19th Century, but in 1891 and into 1892, Alexandre Dumas adapted the story to a play/ballet with music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Dumas and Tchaikovsky are legends in their crafts, and the story itself was an instant hit in theaters in Moscow and around Europe.

The production moved to different theaters as it grew in stature, and several adaptations have been formulated over time. The most common adaptation is known as The Nutcracker Suite, which consists of eight musical numbers from the full-length ballet. The Nutcracker Suite is designed purely for concert performances, and this production has also become extremely popular around the world.

About the Story

The story takes place in the Stahlbaum family home, and it begins with a Christmas party. As the hosts and guests celebrate, the mysterious Herr Drosselmeyer, a godfather, appears. He enters with a big bag of gifts for the children, and hands them out. However, he realizes that he has forgotten a gift for Clara, the Stahlbaum family daughter. As a makeshift gift, Herr Drosselmeyer produces a nutcracker, and Clara is thrilled.

Clara’s brother, Fritz, is jealous of the gift, and he breaks the nutcracker, much to the chagrin of Clara. Drosselmeyer shoos Fritz away and repairs the doll, and Clara decides to guard the doll that night so that there is no further damage. It’s at this point that The Nutcracker tickets add that element of fantasy for the audience.

Clara falls asleep next to the Christmas tree while guarding her gift, and when the clock strikes midnight, she hears the sound of mice. She tries to run away, but the mice trap her, and her new toy springs to life with an army of nutcrackers and takes on the army of mice. During the battle, Clara helps the nutcracker defeat the army of mice, and the nutcracker turns into a prince that takes Clara to the Land of Sweets.

As the story unfolds, Clara wakes up under the Christmas tree with the nutcracker in her arms. Was it all just a dream, or did it really happen? That’s the question that audiences of all ages have been asking for more than 100 years.

Overall, any answer to this question is really not very important. What is important is that families and friends all over the world celebrate the holiday season with traditions, and one of those traditions should definitely be the use of The Nutcracker tickets for a night of fantasy and fun.