• 21/02/2024

Real Magic: Beyond Harry Potter

Real Magic: Beyond Harry Potter

Real Magic: Beyond Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been all over the news these days, due to the launch of the 7th Harry Potter book and the 5th Harry Potter movie. It’s certainly no accident that the 5th movie “Order of the Phoenix” came out a week before the 7th book “Deathly Hallows”.

It seems to have been such a great success, and has worked all the Harry Potter fans into a frenzy!

There is even a lot of controversy from fundamentalist Christian groups around the fact that these books & movies promote witchcraft and sorcery.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Harry Potter series doesn’t nearly do justice to promoting witchcraft and sorcery. It is after-all fiction, and the aspects of using magic are highly over-dramatized compared to the results of REAL witchcraft and sorcery.

However, the concerns are founded, as many of these Harry Potter fans will and probably are seeking out the real forms of magic use. I think this is a great thing, as much of the fear of witchcraft is based on ignorance, and not the truth of what it really is.

Modern day REAL witches and Sorcerers are people who generally embrace multiculturalism and seek to learn answers to their spiritual questions where-ever answers can be found. These days there are also plenty of New Age spiritualists to learn from that are skilled in witchcraft, yoga, meditation, and psychology.

There is also a growing trend outside of the Harry Potter movement that is cluing into what is called the “Law of Attraction”. This “Law of Attraction” when understood and implemented correctly, is definitely a form of magic in my books.

What probably comes absolutely closest in the real world to Harry Potter style magic, is psychic ability. There are psychics all over the world, and it is known to be a skill that can be learned by anyone who studies it diligently. Yes, you are psychic too, although you may not have tapped into your psychic abilities yet.

Many of the psychics today can be found practicing various forms of meditation, yoga, shamanism, and other types of pagan religions.

I must admit that I am glad to see a resurgence of paganism and wisdom of other religions. I think the future holds a fusion hybrid understanding of how the world works, and a greater ability for humans to tap into their psychic ability due to the understandings that each world culture has contributed.

I’m hoping that all those Harry Potter fans will seek to attain magical abilities themselves, and in doing so help to positively change the world with their newfound powers. So I choose to celebrate the Harry Potter movies, the 7 Harry Potter books, and I encourage Harry Potter fans to continue their quest for knowledge, wisdom, and Magic beyond fiction.