• 28/11/2023

Pubs In Cambridge With Sky Sports

Pubs In Cambridge With Sky Sports

If you are visiting the UK one thing you have to sample is watching a Premiership football game. Football (or Soccer as it is sometimes referred to overseas) is our national sport and most towns and cities come alive at the weekend as thousands gather to support their local team.

It’s unlikely these days that you will get a ticket for the game itself, particularly for a team in the Premiership so the next best option is to join the many fans that gather in their local pub to watch the game. The atmosphere is usually as intense as watching it at the ground, but without the burden of travelling, sometimes several hours to get in.

The only way to watch certain Premiership games is in a pub that has the appropriate license. Don’t assume that because a pub has Sky, they have the sports license as well. It’s always worth checking beforehand as there is nothing worse than ordering a drink and settling down in a pub only to find out they are not showing the game! Thankfully there are plenty of pubs in Cambridge with Sky Sports that are licensed to show all the games.

Most city centre pubs now have full Premiership subscriptions , particularly around Regent Street and King Street. A bit further out you have some of the larger pubs that have pool tables and other entertainment on offer for after the game. The Graduate on Mitchums corner comes highly recommended as they also do food throughout the day.

The easiest way to find Cambridge pubs with Sky Sports is to simply keep your eye out for the boards outside the pub that will be advertising the games and showing times.

Alternatively you can click here for a list of pubs that have the appropriate subscription.