• 28/11/2023

Pros And Cons Of Buying Used Cars

Pros And Cons Of Buying Used Cars

Each year, out of all the vehicles bought in the U.S., 41 million are used cars compared to only 16 million new car purchases.

Since purchasing a car is the next financial investment made by US citizen other than housing, it is important to determine if buying a used car is worth your money.

1) CONS – Here is a list of the disadvantages of used-car buying:

* The options of cars are limited, so the search for the right vehicle could be lengthy.

* The buyers have no idea if the car was treated. Used cars usually have worn consumables such as hoses, tires, shocks, filters, fans and clutch.

* Although used car dealers provide a warranty, it is only limited to a couple of months unlike purchasing a new car with full warranty. Certain maintenance on your purchased second-hand car could be more expensive.

* Purchasing a second-hand vehicle would offer you a lower trade-in value.

* The main disadvantage of purchasing old cars is that it has an unknown quantity. Whether the dealer has worked the vehicle to make it attractive for the test drive, the buyers are still unaware of the repair bills, economical issues, and its reliable transportation.

* It is difficult to negotiate fair financing terms on an older vehicle.

2) PROS – On the other side, buying a used car could benefit the buyer in several ways:

* The original owner of the car received the depreciation hit. The market value of the new car decreases from year to year. An average 30% of its value within three years from the time it was bought, so buying their car would save you a lot of money.

* Unlike purchasing a new vehicle with high insurance fees, you will receive a lower cost of insurance if you choose to buy second-hand cars.

* Although buying new and used cars both provide loans, lease, or money-saving the majority of dealers who sell used cars often have shorter loan terms.

* If your investment is decided based on appearance and gas mileage, choosing a used car would guarantee the value and reliability it has provided over the years.

* A used car would provide your dollar more flexibility. Compared from buying a new car that would eat all your finances, buying a second-hand car would allow you to purchase other accessories such as air conditioning that would cost approximately US$200 to $900 extra.

Buying your used car could waste your money if you fail to do your research, compare dealerships, and be aware of the car’s market value. Be a wise used-car buyer.