• 28/11/2023

Play Station’s First Effort

Play Station’s First Effort

Many people now are playing the play station 1. It is one of the hottest games in the land. Even old people do care about playing the play station 1. Millions and millions of people are getting crazy over the play station fever.

You might wonder what the best play station 1 games commonly and constantly are played by the individuals. For sure not everybody has an idea about it. To know more about the common play station games, here are some of the most popular games being played in Play Station 1.

1. Final fantasy VII – this game was released last August 31, 1997. The Final Fantasy games created scenes much like the real world. It is very realistic and you cannot say anything about the background because it is strikingly beautiful. It has also a terrific soundtrack that everybody would love to listen too.

2. Resident Evil – this is a horror action adventure. This was released last March 30, 1996. This is one of the best buys of the play station. Everybody fined time this game very challenging and fun to play with.

3. Chromo cross – this was released last August 15, 2000. This game did not allot a big amount of money just to make this game. However, the outcome of the game really turned out well. It may not have a big amount however it has a big heart that everybody really loved.

4. Vagrant story- -this was released last May 15, 2000. This is a role-playing type of game with a mixture of action and adventure. This is a groundbreaking game. This game is unusual and nearly perfected game.

5. Dance Dance Revolution – once it was out in the market become more popular. This was released last May 9, 2001. This becomes a great hit Japan for so many years. Now they totally launched it in the play station where is convenient for everybody.

6. Grandia – this is more likely the final fantasy VIII. All the Sega fans have been waiting and excited for the arrival of the Grandia. This is a role-playing type of game. The most noticed in Grandia is its atmosphere, innovation and the story. This was released last September 30, 1999

7. The Legend of Dragon – this was out in the market last June 11, 2000. This is a fun and adventurous game. With good backgrounds and sound effects that really make you interests in playing.

8. Castlevania: Symphony of the night – this is probably one of the most popular video game in the history of video games being franchised in. The latest installment of this game for the play station is the best 2D action side. This was out in the market last September 30, 1997.

9. Irritating Stick – this was released last January 31, 1999. This type of game was set in Japan. The direction of the game is that, the contestant must take a giant electric rod and move it through a metal mace under a specific time limit. If you touch the walls of the maze, you will lose in a flare of flying sparks and the electricity.

With these play station games, the play station 1 become more popular and people started buying more play station so that they can still play even if they are in their homes.