• 28/11/2023

Oops! I May Not Do It Again (Britney Spears)

Oops! I may not do it again

May be Pop princess Britney Spears’ new-year resolution. The toxic girl wants to come back in 2007, may be with an underwear covering her assets and ensuring bottomless days. Of course, a new album may be in the offing to strengthen her profession in 2007 after the last hit, Toxic.

Recently, the party girl’s snaps appeared in leading press across the globe showing her partying without her underwear. She was seen along with celebrity socialite Paris Hilton.

Though Spears has admitted that she is taking the newfound freedom ‘too far’, the religious clerics around the world may take it seriously this time. She may be hinting that the recently announced divorce from husband Kevin Federline is ensuring more freedom to ‘divulge’.

But the entertainers are still waiting to see more action from Kevin too, who threatens to ‘divulge’ more by showing a steamy video of the ex-couple. Since this video was taken during their family life, Spears, a mother-of-two, 25, who went on a shopping spree to buy more underwear, cannot do much now. Spears had filed for divorce from her husband of two years on November 6, 2006.

Her dancer husband, Kevin, is planning to sell x-rated homemade footage, which is said to feature the newly wedded couple’s steamy activities on their honeymoon, to David Hans Schmidt, online porn seller.

But Spears has a solution to stop her estranged husband Kevin from raking in money. Spears may herself put the sex tape on the Internet and it may be free. The footage is reported to be worth up to £120 million. Spears, who became famous for her clean-cut, wholesome image in the early stages of her career, has already topped Yahoo!’s annual list of the most-searched names.

Since the birth of her first child, Spears’ music career had taken a beating and Spears, who has sold over seventy-six million records worldwide, is trying for a come back with a cool, fun, and sexy video in 2007.

The recent divorce, pregnancy and two deliveries in 15 months, has not affected her revenue streams. The Britney Spears industry is still in demand. For instance, Spears endorsed a fragrance, “Curious”, and earned a reported US$12 million. After one year of sales, Curious, which was named the best selling perfume of 2004, fetched more than US$100 million.

The next product endorsed by Spears, who is also making news with four books published including A Mother’s Gift, was Elizabeth Arden fragrance, “Fantasy”, in September 2005, and it was another big hit at department stores. Following the successful launch of Fantasy, Spears announced the launch of Curious: In Control, a limited edition perfume. Midnight Fantasy will hit the market in the near future.

Hope that her December 31, 2006 resolutions, which may be yet another midnight fantasy to have more hits in her career, come true that will help the world’s music lovers to love her more. Spears ranks as the eighth best-selling female artist in American music history, and the entertainment industry wants her to come back with more hits after her Toxic.