• 30/11/2023

Magic Ritual Spells, Do They Work?

Magic Ritual Spells, Do They Work?

The kind of magic that is performed in a ritual is done so with the use of spells. Though no one actually knows if it works.

Magicians who perform magic in this form usually make use of a memorized script with the appropriate spell, activity and motions that should be done. Those who practice the occult have claimed that performing this type of magic is a lot more similar to car driving. If the directions are followed appropriately, you could actually get to your destination and so the magic could work. But still, there is no one hundred percent guarantee.

Current witches who practice Wicca magic have in their possession a book of spells. This book has specific and sometimes complex directions for performing basic ritualistic magic. A basic magic ceremony usually means that no animal, insect, bug or worm will be harmed in the process. A regular Wicca magic spell only requires plain candles, herbs or stones as any one of the ingredients. The spells used come from a variety of influences and cultures who also used to perform ritualistic magic, from the Romans to the Egyptians and the Greeks.

All kinds of religions all over the world have their forms of magic and magic spells. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism – to name a few – all make use of a form of incantation, invocation, and petition.

Special magic tools are also used by ritualistic magicians. They sometimes employ a common dagger, or a chalice and – the one thing magicians cannot go without – a magic wand. Each of these objects serves as a symbol which represents a specific force.

The use of a shape that is sacred is also utilized by ritualistic magicians. This is done to protect them from any entity that attempts to disrupt the ritual as well as to invoke an entity to turn up within the sacred circle. These shapes are usually in the form of a pentagram. Any spirit could be commanded within the confines of the circle by the appropriate invocation of their name. These names as well as a host of other phrases and spells help achieve an ultimate will power that causes a magician to focus on the task at hand, be it to bring boils to a specific body part of a sworn enemy or to call on the assistance of a dark angel to perform a preferred or unspeakable task.

However, it has to be reiterated that unless you do such a ritual yourself, no one could ever one hundred percent guarantee that doing such actually works.