• 09/12/2023

Job Search at the Internet Age

Job Search at the Internet Age

Internet is rapidly growing as a popular career source. Job seekers are finding that well-planned and systematically laid out career sites prevail over the traditional newspaper classifieds. The days are gone when job seekers had to browse through cluttered newsprint to find out a suitable job options them. Not only finding a suitable job, posting CVs through traditional mails and getting interview calls used to be too cumbersome till the internet came to the rescue. Searching jobs on Internet has dual benefits for you – it saves your valuable time and it cut shorts your expenses on searching and sending CVs to your potential employers.

There are several web portals offering job surfing and CV posting services to the job seekers. Their systematically categorized job listings minimize your time to zero in on your potential employers. Furthermore, they offer you an opportunity of sending your CV to the potential employers in bulk at very nominal charges. If you send your CV through traditional mails to these many employers, you may need your whole month’s pocket expense. One such site is www.resume-xpress.com that offers quality resume sending services. However, it is necessary that the websites where you intend to put your CV specialize in your industry sector. In your industry specific websites vacancies will be more targeted. These websites may also contain useful career advice and information specific to your area of expertise.

Another important aspect for advantageous use of Internet in job searching is preparation of your CV that is searchable and e-friendly. List out all the details that can be helpful in making your CV prominent in all categories and sub-categories that the employers browse through. Your CV should contain details like preferred industry, preferred location, educational qualification, skill sets etc. under sub-headlines. For example, if you are looking for a job in Orlando region, do mention Orlando as preferred location in your CV so that an employer searching CVs under Location-Orlando can find your CV listed there.

Finally, remember that the Internet is a tool, not a stick of a magician. It does require good skill and diligence of the user to get favorable results. So get organized, and start surfing for a job with a pre-planned strategy.