• 21/02/2024

It’s Showtime!

It’s Showtime!

So you’ve decided to be a magician. Now you want to join a local group to learn a lot of tricks of trade. You practice them every night and now you think you’re ready to perform. What should you remember to do? Here are some tips for a successful magical show.

Show it to Other Magicians

Before plunging straight to the stage, be sure to show it to other magicians from your local group. They can spot mistakes and give you advice you could use once you start doing your show. This will be very important so keep in mind what they have to say.

Remember to ask for help if you’re struggling with your tricks. Ask them if you’re doing it right or ask what you are doing wrong. Be humble enough to know there are others better than you.

Plan Your Show

You can’t really barge in front of an audience without knowing the order of how you’ll do your tricks. The key is to get their attention, maintain it and at the end do something mesmerizing.

The first trick should be something that will catch attention. Don’t call on an audience volunteer immediately. Try some simple but effective sleights of hand to start things off. The second trick should be better than the first. Then follow it up with another trick. In between great tricks, try telling something funny or doing funny tricks just to make them laugh. At the end, mesmerize them with a spellbinding trick that will make them ask for more.

Remember that all your tricks should flow from one trick to another. It should be like a story where all the things happening are related to one another.

Length of the Show

If you’re in front of an audience that is paying, give them something that will not make them go to the refund window. Show them something exciting. New tricks are preferable as old tricks will just make them not want to watch your show.

If you’re doing it for kids, do something simple and short. Remember that a child’s attention span is short so you should give them something that will make them continue watching.

If you’re doing street magic, just give them one of the tricks you’ve mastered. Just mesmerize them and leave them with their mouths wide open showing appreciation to your magic.

Remember to practice, plan and time your show. A great show doesn’t need to be long to be good. Just give them something to remember you by.