• 31/05/2023

How to Find Magic Trick Equipment and Which Ones To Get

How to Find Magic Trick Equipment and Which Ones To Get

A magician can only perform magic tricks by bringing along some equipment. These come in all shapes and sizes so you can build a routine using deck of cards, balloons, small creatures and anything else that will likely entertain the audience. But before you do that, you have to know where you can buy it.

Some of the items can be purchased in the grocery. A few examples of these include a box of matches, glasses, money, paper, cutlery and sugar cubes.

But if you are really serious, you have to get these from the magic shop. Inside, you can get ideas of new tricks you can try so there is always something different to offer each time you have a performance. You can also check online for such props because they could be much cheaper through the web.

You can also try to make some after all some tricks like being able to levitate in the air is done by sawing a small piece of plywood and then standing on it for a few seconds. You just have to be careful so no one will notice that you are using something to help you perform this trick.

Another example is creating your own magician’s table. Since you will be the one using this, you will be able to customize it so there can be hidden compartments to make things appear and disappear.

What the magician wears is also part of the act. If you don’t know how to sew, bring this over to a tailor who can sew a pocket.

Most magicians use cards in their acts. If you will be using play cards, there are two main types namely the Bridge size and the Poker size that are not that different in terms of size. But there are also double faced, double backed and marked cards. When you buy them, you will notice that there are two main colors namely red and blue. You might even be able to find some in other colors or get the retailer to make a customized version.

If you are performing in front of kids, naturally you will need some animals which you can get from the pet store. The two most common are white rabbits or white doves because can easily be trained for a performance. They also do not bite, cry or scream which make them ideal for a show.

The use of cups and balls are also popular because these are available in different shapes, colors, sizes and material. You just have to see which one are you most comfortable with using. The best are perhaps sponge balls because they are easy on the hands and can easily be hidden.

For magicians who want to cover something as they are performing a trick, use silk and not an ordinary 100% cotton handkerchief because they are much bigger and available in different colors.

You can’t perform a magic trick without a few tools to help you along. So, go shopping or make your own. Just remember that you make it happen and not what you use. Be sure to practice your tricks until you get it perfectly so there won’t be any problems when you finally perform before a large audience.