• 09/12/2023

Hindu Gods

Hindu Gods

There are many gods that the Hindus worship. Among the most common are god, in many forms, Ishvara, also in different forms, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, and others. Brahma is the major god of the religion, for he is known as the god of creation and he is much like the story of Adam and Eve is to Christianity.

Ishvara is the god of learning and knowledge, and is known as Saraswati. Likewise, Lakshmi represents wealth and prosperity. Many Hindus will say to one another, “you have been blessed by Lakshmi” or “you have been blessed by Saraswati.” In doing so, it is the same as an American saying that another has done well for themselves, in life or in a prosperity or that they are very smart and are able to learn quickly.

There are many different forms of Ishvara. Ganesha is used when someone has to accomplish something that they need luck for. It is often used when going to an exam or if they are trying to get a business proposal accepted. It is the same as saying good luck to someone when you give them the blessing of Ganesha, and Hindus believe that they are all the same god acting as one.

Hindus have their own system of worship and mythology. This mythology is often used in games such as the Final Fantasy saga. Shiva, known as the destroyer in Hindu belief systems, is one of the three main deities and is also used in final fantasy as a powerful summon that can be used in battle and, represented in a female form, is the goddess of ice used to attack your enemies.

Among the three main entities are Brahma and Vishnu are also present. Brahma is the beginning of all things. He is the creator and brought life to earth. Vishnu is the preserver. He takes care of and maintains all of mankind and keeps peace. There is a sense of balance to these beliefs.

There is a destroyer, one who is evil, a preserver, one of neutrality, and a creator, the source of everything. With all of these beliefs together, Hindus have a wide variety of practiced religious sects and have the ability to believe almost anything that they want and still be considered Hindu.