• 05/10/2023

Have You Seen Any Of These Poker Players?

Have You Seen Any Of These Poker Players?

Different types of players frequent online poker websites. here are a few you might recognize.

The Money Guy: He has very little money, but his only persona has millions to hear him tell it. He may even have *Ferrari* somewhere in his nickname.

The Karate Kid: This is the kid that comes on after school or after his parents are in bed and threatens to kick everyone’s butt, telling them he knows kung fu, karate, judo, and 5 other Japanese words.

Doc FallAllDay: This is the guy in the play money poker room who acts as if everyone should be entirely serious about every single hand as if their life depended on it. He folds then tells you how you should have played your winning hand.

Mild Bill Hickup: This is the guy that can give you 25 reasons why he is not doing very well at the tables tonight. Including but not limited to the following; The staff here at (Online poker website) gave me a call and said their software was not randomizing properly tonight but they are working on it. I’m drunk and don’t care tonight. I’m just here waiting for the money game I will be playing later. I am experimenting here where it doesn’t matter so when I play in that million-dollar tournament later I can try some new things. I only come to the play money room to relax between real money games where I have won more than $50,000 this month.

My Favorite Martian: The only reason he is ever losing is because, YOU ARE ALL USING SCANNING SOFTWARE TO READ MY HAND! He also wears a tinfoil hat.

Romeo: Doesn’t care about the poker game at all. He just keeps asking all the female players for their “stats”.

Juliet: always spends thirty minutes looking for the game where she can be representing by the best endowed avatar so the guys will all pay attention to her. Poker is just a side thing they put in the chat room.

Paris Hilton: Just can’t understand why everyone is so concerned with winning and still isn’t sure why she didn’t win that last hand. Why her pair did not beat that flush thing. Ewww, Who wants a flush anyway?

The Libber: Doesn’t talk to anyone, just here to prove she can beat a man at a man’s game dammit!

Rain Man: Has his poker calculator software out and running to calculate the odds of him winning each hand so it takes until he is almost out of time every time it is his turn to make a decision.

Lotto Suit Larry or Lisa: This is the guy or gal that bets the limit every time until they finally win one hand, then bet nothing the rest of the time trying to hold onto that one little win.

These are just a few of the characters you will play poker with at an online poker room. That is why it is so much fun. The diversity is amazing. No two rooms are the same.

Did you recognize any of these players? Can you think of a few more?