• 04/03/2024

Get Fit with Summer Games

Get Fit with Summer Games

One of the great things about summer is that many activities are fun. While going to the gym and doing indoor workouts can be a great way to stay in shape over the winter, it can become drudgery. Many people “fall off the wagon” and are unable to continue their workout commitments when it’s the same thing over and over. But in the summer, fun games can help you keep fit and help you stay motivated.

Here are some ideas for fun summer games to help you stay or get in shape this summer.

Yard Games

Even if you don’t have a yard, these tried-and-true games can be played in pretty much any level, grassy area. For those who remember these kinds of games from childhood, it can be great fun to relive them and to get your own kids involved, too. Here are some of those yard games you may have forgotten about.

* Badminton – The equipment for badminton is not complicated. All you need are a net, rackets, and birdies. These tend to be quite inexpensive. You might be able to interest friends and neighbors in a weekly tournament on your lawn or at a nearby park!

* Croquet – Croquet has a reputation as a pastime for the wealthy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It’s actually a fun game that anyone can play. At antique stores, yard sales, or flea markets, you may find a used set of balls, mallets, and wickets. Even purchasing a set new is not necessarily expensive (around $30 to $50).

* Volleyball – The equipment for volleyball is even more minimal than that for badminton – a net and a ball are all you need. Some parks and recreational areas have nets already set up, and you need only bring a ball.

* Flashlight tag –
Even those with a small or uneven yard can play this game outside at dusk. In fact, a hilly yard with trees and shrubs provides more hiding places to evade whoever is “it.”

* Traditional sports – You can certainly play “yard versions” of traditional sports, from soccer to football to basketball. And if you have a park nearby with a hoop or field, you can play informal games with friends and family.

Other Fun Activities

Besides yard games, here are some other fun summer games to help you keep fit and enjoy the season.

* Picnics – It may not seem like exercise to have a picnic, but think about it – packing food to eat outdoors at a park or forest invites activity. You can include any of the yard games above at your picnic, or bring your food to a park with a playground.

* Cookouts – Once again, combining food and exercise makes for a fitness goal that doesn’t seem like work. Having friends and family over for a cookout means folks are outside, active, and in the fresh air. Make sure you don’t undermine your efforts with fatty hotdogs and burgers, though – try veggie and bean burgers and grilled vegetables. You can also get creative and cook whole grain flat breads on the grill.

As you play games and incorporate fun activities into your summer, you may find that you stay fit without even knowing it!