• 01/12/2023

Finding The Best Used Car

Finding The Best Used Car

If you’re considering a used vehicle, don’t just ask how many miles it has-ask how many owners it’s had, too.

That’s the advice from experts who say used cars that have had only one owner may be in better shape than cars that have had multiple owners. Many of the one-owner cars are relatively new, have fewer miles on them and less overall wear and tear. While these cars may cost a bit more, the chances of a new owner having to shell out cash down the road for repairs could decrease dramatically.

This one-owner preference has helped drive many car-buying decisions, according to a recent study. Nearly nine out of 10 shoppers said they find it important to know how many owners a car has had. In addition, nearly eight out of 10 said they were more likely to purchase a car identified as having one owner than they were to purchase a car that had multiple owners. Two out of three shoppers are even willing to pay more for a one-owner vehicle.

Finding One-Owner Vehicles

The study found that franchised dealers are usually the best place to find one-owner cars, but it’s always important to do a little investigating on your own.

A good place to start is with a vehicle history report from a company such as Carfax. The company’s reports give a complete timeline of a vehicle’s ownership, and clearly indicate whether a vehicle has had one or multiple owners. The reports also indicate whether a car has been in an accident, flood or fire, or if it has been totaled and rebuilt.

In addition to running a report on any car you consider buying, it’s important to talk to the dealer about the vehicle’s previous owner. Find out why the owner sold the car in the first place and ask if the dealership can guarantee that the vehicle you are considering is a one-owner vehicle. Many dealers will provide a free vehicle history report.

If you are buying from a private seller, ask questions similar to what you would ask a dealer, but also ask for the seller’s address and phone number. If he or she is not willing to provide that information, you may want to consider walking away from the deal.