• 21/02/2024

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Developed by The Game Designers Studio, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a video amusement for Nintendo. It is the final console since the sixth series as well as the first ever square- produced prior to the Legend of the Seven Stars of Super Mario RPG in America. As for Japan, it was the last for Treasure Hunter G. It features a lot of novel elements that were previously not seen in the pre- sequels. Like for example, there is already the real time fighting that is scored by Kumi Tanioka.

There is actually a next big thing after the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles which will be called the “Ring of Fates.” There is also another that is on progress right now, it is designed to be compatible with Nintendo Wii entitled “The Crystal Bearers” that will only be available for the launching of the system. Upon actual playing, it can be segregated into three general matters such explore, interact and combat. Like the others of its kind, it will comprise the bulk.

For exploration in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, players will assume that they are various young adults who will go out in the wilderness through a caravan that will safeguard their community from a venomous gas cloud “miasma” that consumes the whole globe. The mystical trees must be found where each produces a single droplet of myrrh. The myrrh will ward off the miasma and must be hurriedly brought back to the community that the lucid stone may be recharged. The mystical trees, in the other hand, are watched by a host of creatures that will do whatever means for anybody who attempts to touch them. The passage of time also has a very essential role since as the years increase, the players themselves will grow stronger.

As for interaction in the Final Fantasty Crystal Chronicles, it includes a story where a band of individuals journey together to great distances all throughout the world. Their objective is to finish a central quest. There are plenty of smaller challenges that will be met along the way. There will be dozens of people and monsters as well as hidden treasures that will be discovered as the story unfolds. If you are familiar with the Legend of Zelda, then you have an idea about this matter.

As for combat in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the setting is in a regular movement mode such as that of The Wind Waker or Secret of Mana. The layout of the buttons are simple where it is just by pressing the L and R scrolls through a list of actions that will be executed by clicking on A while B is nothing but miscellaneous. It is at this stage where magic is a lot of help such as the making of thunder, fire or blizzard in order to kill the antagonist. The enemies themselves are also very powerful as they drop stones called magicite.