• 05/10/2023

Fantasy Vacations – Planet Zena Revisited

Fantasy Vacations – Planet Zena Revisited

Do you go on a vacation on a bus guided by flag waving travel employees or jump bus and adventure the unknown, alone without map or direction?

Brazil is aflame with gangs on patrol and Mexico is a war zone of warlords. But you are an adventure traveler, looking for dreams and the realization of fantasies that the Travel Channel seems to endlessly feed. You have been waiting a year for your annual vacation, freedom from the slavery of work.

You don’t have a summer home for a small part of the year like your neighbors, in fact you don’t have much money at all, but you long to walk the craggy valleys of Planet Zena, observe the natives dancing ouga uga dances around a fire tounging on a new moon in hula hula skirts, and awake to find Toto and you beneath a tornado’s funnel, staring upwards to the holy votex of darkened light. You emerge at the feet of the great wizard with a lightening storm in the distance.

“Great wizard” you ask, “I search for the fantasy vacation, my annual vacation is almost over and I don’t have much money anyway. Is there a bus for me?”

The wizard pulls some levers and spins some gadgets and gives you the keys, “You drive” he whispers and disappears.

Understanding the objectives of a meaningful vacation or a holiday is the first step in having a dream time.

A vacation is not meant to be a stressful and painful ordeal! Vacations are a time to rejoice to travel to be together, in love on a beach with Venus glittering in the rippling water as great ancient fish from the age of the Cambrian dance and splash in the deep sea, far out to sea. In love, as life is, one, in the arms of your beloved.

A meteorite draws a white line across the black inked sky. It says your name and dissolves into time, eternity forgotten, on the wind, in your last breath on the cold carbon dust of the last star at twilight. “Who am I?” you ask. It is twilight.

Pack a few things; bring your pencils and dreams. Don’t forget to turn off the gas to your stove and find a pet sitter for your dog Bruno. And above all, before taking any vacations, just ponder over the action plan. Discussing with family members could make one’s vacation worth remembering the things that got you to this point, the office, the hopes, the Arizona Mountains where the Indians once hunted under scorching suns, patiently waiting for game, which they became worth remembering. Remember? Oh, traveler one, Planet Zena is place with a view, a place worthy of the God that is you.