• 05/10/2023

Crystal Method

Crystal Method

An American electronic music duo, Crystal Method is composed of two keyboardists Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. They are listed among the likes of Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Propellerheads and Fatboy Slim, who all specializes in the breakbeat styles however, there is a twist as it has more rock sensibilities than the new ones.

Even if Jordan and Kirkland are both from Las Vegas, Nevada, Crystal Method was established in Los Angeles, California in 1989. They did most of their early works in a basement abode that they lovingly dubbed as “The Bomb Shelter.” It was actually in the front yard of a house they rented where they were once roommates. Preceding their production of Legion of Bloom that began in 2004, they transferred the studio to the garage. A lot of people were not able to notice it however, they still remained in where they experienced a lot of collaboration together. Presently, it is now the name for a studio set- up.

The genre of Crystal Method is broad in scope where it can be spottedn in a lot of contemporary movies and shows. It included “Title Theme” in Bones, “Ph Dream” and “The Name of the Game” in Blade II, “Bound too Long” in Cursed, “Busy Child” in Gone in Sixty Seconds and Lost in Space, “Can’t You Trip Like I Do” in Spawn, “Now is the Time” in Zoolander, “Keep Hope Alive” in The Replacement Killers and “Roll it Up” in The Longest Yard, among the others. They were also showcased in XXX and The Dark Angel where “Keep Hope Alive” was the theme of an NBC drama series, Third Watch.

Chief Aid album of Crystal Method was based on an episode of South Park where it featured a revival they made of “Vapor Trail.” It has vocals by DMX, O’ Dirty Bastard, Ozzy Osbourne and Fuzzbubble where it was later on renamed to “Nowhere Run.” Alias’ 13th Episode of its third season featured “Starting Over” taken from their album called Legion of Bloom. “Name of the Game” from the Tweekend album was also featured as an introductory sound for the popular video game Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy. It has also been utilized by the live presentations of magician The Amazing Hunter as well as in advertisements of Hummer.

In the EA Sports video game FIFA 1998 (Road to World Cup), their composition was also featured. It included “More”, “Busy Child”, “Keep Hope Alive” and “Now Is The Time.” In the 1998 British advertisement for The Gap, “Busy Child” was used as they introduced their products for skateboarders. Same track was also utilized for Donkey Konga while “Born too Slow” can be heard in the sequel as well as in Need for Speed- Underground. “Trip Like I Do” was also highlighted in an episode of House. Several of their tracks were also part of the game called N20: Nitrus Oxide.