• 05/10/2023

Churches And Museums For Sightseeing In Malaga Spain

Churches And Museums For Sightseeing In Malaga Spain

There are many opportunities for sightseeing in Malaga. The city was founded by the Phoenicians. At different times throughout its history, it was under the rule of Roman and Moorish influences. This can be seen in the ancient ruins and architecture of the area. Remnants of all these historical periods stand in various areas and structures in the city.

The city is home to several old churches and museums. A few are located in old palaces or fortresses. You can experience the history of the area in the ancient Roman and Moorish structures. Other attractions include festivals, beaches and night life.

Churches and Museums for Sightseeing in Malaga

The Cathedral in Malaga was originally the site of a Mosque. When the Catholic Kings took over, they began the construction of a cathedral on the site. This was not finished until the year 1728. A variety of architectural styles can be seen, most from the later period. The cathedral contains two chapels and beautiful choir stalls.

There are a few other well known churches that are tourist attractions in the city. La Inglesia del Sagrario is a gothic style church that was also built over an old Mosque. This church was constructed in 1448 and contains beautiful reliefs and sculptures.

Santuario de la Virgen is another beautiful old church. This church was built in the Andalusian Baroque style of architecture. This church contains the tombs of the counts of Buena Vista.

The city is also home to several museums that are worth seeing. Malaga is the birth place of Pablo Picasso. This building is located in the Plaza de Merced. There is a museum dedicated to the artist. In addition, several galleries throughout the city display his works.

There are several other museums throughout the city. The Diocesal Museum contains an amazing collection of religious art. The museums of Popular Art and Culture and Museum of Arts contain a variety of art works from Spanish artists. The Museum of Arts is located in an old palace.

Attractions for Sightseeing in Malaga

Alcazaba is the King’s Palace. This building was constructed in the eleventh century. The palace contains an archaeological museum with a wide variety of exhibits. The remains of an ancient Roman theatre are located on the site. Around the palace are gardens and fountains.

Near the palace is the Castillo de Gibralfaro. The original structure was constructed by the Phoenicians. The Moors built a fortress over the site in the fourteenth century. This fortress is still there and is open for tours.

Malaga is home to several festivals throughout the year. Many have a religious basis, mainly Catholic. January 6 is the procession of the three Magi. There are a variety of processions during Easter week that are quite impressive and attract Catholics and non Catholics to the city. The Feast of Corpus Christi in May is a festival that lasts for several days.

Music festivals can be seen in the summer months. The Feria de Verano takes place in the third week of August. This festival features Flamenco music. There is a celebration that includes authentic regional dress and parades of horses.

Flamenco music can be enjoyed in typical Malaga night life. The sea side promenade is home to several clubs and bars that play live music. You can sit on the terraces and enjoy the music and night life. The La Malaguenta section is a fashionable area for modern night life.

The cuisine in the city is a mix of typical Mediterranean style. The food is light, fresh and healthy. The menu in many restaurants contains a variety of shrimp and seafood dishes. An abundance of fresh vegetables are used in the recipes. Cold soups, known as Gaspatchos, are served in the area.