• 04/03/2024

Character diversity in the Lost television series

Character diversity in the Lost television series

Are you feeling “lost”? Are you in a situation where you don’t know what to do or where to go? Are you trapped in a place where there’s no means of escape? Are you in the brink of breaking down and giving up? Well, that’s exactly the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that the Lost television series’ characters experienced.

Millions of audience worldwide is “in” on the Lost television series craze since its inception in 2004 by ABC Network. It has gained international recognition and garnered several awards because of the uniqueness of the show — combining the concepts of the movie “Cast Away” and the reality TV show “Survivor”. With the show’s mysterious island, secretive lives of the enigmatic characters, intriguing storylines and plots, and the creative style of the series, more and more viewers have patronized and watched it, making it one of the most popular American serial-drama television series.

Despite the big ensemble of characters — the survivors of the plane crash, the writers have creatively set the characters’ life stories in an intricate way that they intertwine each other’s lives. Their experiences and life stories are revealed episode by episode through a flashback, which leads them to the decisions and choices they make in the island. The cast is composed of a variety of personalities, thus writers find it flexible to play with the storylines. This diversity in characters are reflected through the judgments they make while living on the island, their different backgrounds affect the way they treat each other and the situation at hand, and their respective secrets hinder them from revealing and showing their true selves. But as the series progress from one season to another, more and more characters appear and disappear yet the diversity in the roles portrayed are not lost. These characters are imbibed in the persons of an Iraqi Republican Sayid, pregnant Australian Claire, troubled surgeon Jack, unlucky-psychotic lotto winner Hurley, dance teacher Shannon, con man Sawyer, rich Korean couple Yunjin and Jin, fugitive Kate, ex-rock star drug addict Charlie, mysterious crippled-adventurer John, construction worker Michael, Michael’s young son Walt, Shannon’s step brother Boone, Catholic priest and Nigerian criminal Eko, airport security guard Ana Lucia, clinical psychologist Libby, former Scottish soldier Desmond, leader of the “Others” Ben/Henry, loving couple Rose and Bernard, shipwrecked Frenchwoman Danielle, and more.

With Lost television series’ continuing success and popularity, more twists are coming up and created in the story. The Lost television series attracts many because the characters’ dilemma, choices, experiences, emotions, confusions, hurts, and other feelings are of real life drama that people and viewers can relate to it.