• 09/12/2023

Brazil Soccer Team

Brazil Soccer Team

Summary: It is generally considered that the Brazil soccer team is the strongest national team in the world

The common quip about soccer is: “the English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it.” And the quip is not far from the truth, it is generally considered that the Brazil soccer team is the strongest national team in the world and it is the only team to play in every world cup event. With five FIFA world cup victories including the most recent in 2002, the Brazil soccer team enjoys being the most successful national football team.

In spite of team’s dominance in the later years, the Brazil soccer team did have serious performance issues in its early years. Brazil was far from being one of the wealthiest South American countries. Internal strife and lack of proper funding resulted in the team’s sub par performance. In both 1930 and 1934 tournaments, the Brazil soccer team was knocked at the very first stages, until Leonidas da Silva managed to turn the club around in 1938. But still, Brazil soccer team was far from repute, especially on that embarrassing moment when Brazil hosted the 1950 FIFA World Cup. Despite stacks of favorable odds in their favor, they still got a beating from Uruguay in a match later known as “Maracanzo.”

When Pelé joined with the 1958 Brazil soccer team for the FIFA World Cup in Sweden, Brazil also made their first mark in history. Pelé, together with other extraordinary players like Didi, Garrincha and Zito stormed the tournament, toppling over giants like Italy and Wales to beat Sweden in a 5-2 game final. Even though being grouped with the toughest teams from the start including England, USSR and Austria, they managed to keep pressure relentlessly. The match with USSR was known for the “greatest three minutes in the history of soccer” where Pelé gave Brazil the lead.

Brazil’s next soccer years was troubled once again when political influences affected the Brazil soccer team. They had the worst performance in all World Cups though Pelé did play for the most part of the tournament.

The 1970 Brazil Soccer Team was considered the best national squad ever. It was this time when Brazil also won its third FIFA World Cup title. With Pelé, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, Tostão, Gérson and Rivelino, Brazil won the Jules Rimet Trophy and kept it for good. This was also Pelé’s last World Cup appearance.

The success of the Brazil soccer team was repeated 24 years later in World Cup USA where they won on a penalty shootout. Then it was repeated in South Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup with the “Three R’s” (Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho) hoisting the Brazilian banner.

It is often a case of wonderment that the streets of Brazil would once in a while churn out an individual that would never fail to become one of the greatest soccer players. Pelé, Rivaldo and currently the best soccer player Ronaldo, all of them had their share of these streets. As to why these streets remain so magical would always be a mystery.