• 21/02/2024

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesaler’s Ltd.

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesaler’s Ltd.

Best Gourmet Coffee is a pure British Columbia, Canada owned and operated company. They are established and growing company selling over a million pounds of coffee annually. Their commitment to providing the best coffee at an affordable price is what they are achieving

Best Gourmet Coffee imports, roasts, and package all of their coffees in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. They work closely with many farmers and millers to make sure you are receiving only the best possible coffee that can be harvested for they focus on the satisfaction of their consumers. To fully provide satisfaction, they also include their customers’ comments and suggestions in producing many of their customer’s specific taste profiles, packaging design, and customer service. They have several experienced tasters on premises.

Let’s now take a look at the products that Best Gourmet Coffee is selling.

225 g ground Coffee Cans- All of these products are packaged in shrink-wrap packages of 12 assorted cans. The types of cans are Dark Variety, Regular Variety, and Flavored Variety. It is also possible to order cases of the same variety.

1 kg Ground Coffee Cans- These new beautifully lithographed 1 kg coffee cans come in 5 varieties: Columbia Excelso, Mocha Java Ble3nd, Irish Cream, and Dark French Italian, packaged in cases of 6 cans. Orders of 100 cases or higher will receive this product at a discount.

300 g Vacuum Sealed Brick Packs- Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesales is excited to introduce these new packaging, they are actually the replacement of 225 g vacuum sealed bags in their product line. This product contains 100 % Arabica Gourmet Coffee that comes in a new and more esthetically pleasing packaging, and packaged in boxes of 24 bags in 12 popular flavors, such as Mocha Java, Irish Cream, French Roast Special, Colombia Supremo, Hazelnut Cream, and Kona Supreme.

1 lb Ground Whole Bean Coffee Bags- Best Gourmet Coffee roast only 100 % Arabica Coffee beans which are sorted to remove unevenly sized beans and are washed and sun-dried. This product is packaged in boxes of 24 assorted bags of ground or whole bean packages of the different variety or a single variety.

2 lb. Whole Bean Coffee Bags with One Way Valve- This product is packaged in boxes of 10 bags of whole bean packages of different variety.

Ground Potion Packs- This product is available in pre-measured tear open pounces of 2, 1.75, and 1.5 oz. packages of different flavors, and is widely used by over 600 restaurants in Western Canada.

2 oz. Ground Coffee Foil Packages- This product is packaged in boxes of 42 assorted bags of all varieties or single flavors. This is ideal as coffee gift baskets and samplers for customers to get a taste of the different flavors available.

Mother’s Blend Hot Chocolate Deluxe Blend contains a high amount of Cocoa and is low in calories. This is specially formulated to suit the distinct taste of customers. This product is packaged in shrink wrap packages of 12 per case.

5 lb Bulk Coffee Bean Packages- All varieties of coffee that Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesales produce are roasted from gourmet grade 1 Arabica coffee beans hand-sorted to provide evenly sized beans and a smooth, consistent coffee with every pot.

Best Gourmet Coffee Wholesale Limited takes pride in the all the coffee they are producing and selling to their customers. Their commitment to providing the best coffee possible is what makes them successful in coffee industry.