• 01/12/2023

Baton Rouge Sports Radio: Updates Thru The Airwaves

Baton Rouge Sports Radio: Updates Thru The Airwaves

Being able to receive news on current sports updates would definitely complete an avid sports fan’s day. If you are a loyal supporter of your local Baton Rouge sports teams, then you will be delighted to hear any current happenings regarding them. With Baton Rouge Sports Radio, you will get to hear all these through the airwaves – in this way, you will never miss out on anything important happening in the sports world.

WWL – AM 870 is one station on the Baton Rouge Sports Radio. NBA, NCAA, Football, and Golf – whether professional or amateur sports updates, WWL will give you all the updates you need. Their website is at www.wwl.com, and their program call in number is 504-260-1870 and 866-889-0870.

There is also the LSU Baton Rouge Sports Radio Network at WDGL-FM – ‘The Eagle 98.1’, which is now on around its 18th year of college sports radio broadcasting. News updates on football, baseball, softball and basketball are delivered through the radio. In their radio programming, they have The Les Miles Show, Tiger One and LSU Sunday Night Live! – all to the listening pleasure of Baton Rouge sports fanatics.

Baton Rouge Sports Radio also has the 1150 WJBO station. Not only does it feature sports updates, it also provides a wide variety of current events from business to entertainment news as well. It caters to both local and national news, thereby giving the listener a wider range of information. Opinions, technology, weather, etc. are also part of their radio programming. Go to www.wjbo.com and take a look at the details of their radio schedule.

One may also want to listen to 1210 AM – ‘The Score’ radio station (www.thescore1210.com). You get here plain sports updates and important news of various events both local and around the world. NFL, auto-racing, college sports and professional leagues are on the programming for this station. So if all you want is pure sports radio updates, then this is where you want to tune to. The station can be located at 5555 Hilton Avenue, Suite 500, Baton Rouge LA 70808. Contact number is 225-231-1860.

Baton Rouge Sports Radio provides for an alternative for sports enthusiasts to gain access to news regarding his favorite teams, players and sports events. Whether one wants plain sports news or those with diverse programming, there is a radio station that can suit your preference. And whether one wants to listen in the comfort of his home, or whether in one’s car traveling – Baton Sports Radio programming will give you the sports updates that are of your interest.