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Attractions In Calpe Spain

Attractions In Calpe Spain

Calpe is one of the more popular resorts on the northern Costa Blanca. The city is located north of Altea and south of Denia. It is an ideal spot for a vacation along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city started out as a fishing village. In addition to tourism, fishing remains a major industry in the town. As a result, fresh seafood that arrives in the port is regularly served on menus in restaurants throughout the city. The name Calpe means steep, rugged hill made of rock.

Most visitors travel into the area through the Alicante airport, which is located about 60 kilometres from the city. The Valencia airport is located about 105 kilometres from Calpe. Buses are available from both these airports to the city. If you prefer to have a vehicle, car hire companies operate at both airports for convenient car rentals.

Attractions in Calpe

One of the main attractions in the town is the rock formation that gives the city its name. The Penon de Ifach is a large, craggy rock formation. This is also the smallest natural park in the country. It is protected due to the many varieties of vegetation and indigenous birds that are located near the rock. This formation is very popular among rock climbers. There is a spectacular view of the Costa Blanca from the top of the formation.

The Old Town area is at the center of the city. This area is home to an Arts and Crafts fair every day in the summer months, except Mondays. There are a variety of local merchants and crafts people offering goods for sale here.

The original town walls are located near the original Moorish quarter in the old town area. These walls were used to defend the village against invasions from pirates many years ago. Also in this area are the remains of an ancient Roman villa. This is historical evidence of the Roman heritage of the city.

The city has a vibrant night life, particularly in the months of June through September. You will find a variety of live entertainment to enjoy. In addition, there are art exhibitions and a variety of workshops to attend.

If you rent a car for your vacation, you can enjoy many nearby attractions during your stay. The Jalon Valley is located about fifteen kilometres from the city. This is also known as the valley of wine. The Jalon valley is famous for a variety of wines. A market in the area sells wine by the liter, as well as food and clothing from local merchants.

Also close to Calpe is the city of Benidorm. This large city is a major tourist attraction. Benidorm is home to a few theme parks, a vibrant night life and many other attractions. Renting a car is the best way to explore Benidorm and the surrounding areas during your stay on the Costa Blanca.

Where to Stay in Calpe

There are a variety of options for accommodations during your holiday in this city. Resort hotels are located right near the beach areas. These hotels offer luxury and a variety of amenities. Rooms tend to book quickly in the summer. If you plan to stay in a resort hotel, book your reservation well in advance of your trip.

There are several less expensive options in the city. Economical hostels are available and offer a nice place to stay. However, you can expect less luxury and fewer amenities than you will find at the larger hotels.

Many people come to the area to climb the rock formation that gives the city its name. Climbers often choose to stay at one of the camping areas that are located near the formation. These are very popular with climbers and other people wanting to enjoy an outdoor experience in nature.

If you prefer more privacy, consider renting a property for your vacation. There are many apartments and condos available for rent. Many are located near the beach areas. If you are staying for a longer period of time, this can be less expensive than the larger hotels. In addition, a rental offers a more private place to stay and relax.