• 01/12/2023

Athletic Scholarships: Getting And Keeping Them

Athletic Scholarships: Getting And Keeping Them

Athletic scholarships are much sought after amongst the students of today. They appear to be some sort of status symbol that marks them as more talented than their peers and can indeed pave the way for the individual to move onto bigger and better things in the future. A good number of individuals receiving an athletic scholarship will probably go on to become professional sports stars one day, whether playing basketball, American football, soccer or another sport such as wrestling or golf. The options are endless but to get and keep an athletic scholarship an individual student must work extremely hard. After all, there can be no bigger heartache than getting there and then losing everything you have technically earned.

Athletic scholarships are like gold dust, especially those that take the individual it was awarded to way on to the next level. It is extremely important that a good athlete maintains a certain academic and personal level in order to maintain the gift that he or she has been given. After all, it can be hard to earn an athletic scholarship in the first place. Not only does the individual have to be good at the sport of his or her choice, he or she also be getting a decent grade point average throughout his or her high school career in order to be considered. It is not that they will not be offered an athletic scholarship if their GPA is not up to scratch, they just will not be able to go to the better colleges unless it is elevated. This also applies when they are there!

Although college sports stars are just that, stars in their own right, they are not exempt from the rules of the university and have a strict code of conduct to adhere to. They need to be able to maintain good grades and keep up with midterms and papers, as well as other assignments because they can actually be suspended from their sports duties if they are not maintaining a high standard. There have been rumours in the past that the GPA of an athletics scholarship is somewhat lower than the GPAs set for other awards, but that is largely not the case at the more prestigious universities.

An athletics scholarship covers just about every expense that the individual athlete would have. It includes housing, tuition, course materials and everything else that you could think of. In truth, it gives them the easiest financial ride out of every single student on every campus across the United States, because they bring glory for their college. It was also a practice some time ago to give them gifts such as cars to lure the star athletes away from other universities. This has since been outlawed because it is considered a bribe.

Although they will miss having a car as a present, this demonstrates how much time has altered the way that athletes on scholarships are supposed to behave. Any scandal and they are out, low grades and they are out, and any hint of drugs in their systems and they are out. It may be tough to get to the top and earn athletics scholarship, but it could be even tougher to stay there if individuals do not stick to the rules!