• 09/12/2023

All What You Need To Know About Making An Entertainment That Will Be Worth Remembering

All What You Need To Know About Making An Entertainment That Will Be Worth Remembering

Amusement is a feeling of fondness for yourself and others. Every human can be amused as well as entertain others. Amusement or entertainment is like a two-way traffic. If you are entertained, you must also entertain others in order to make it worthy of committing to memory.

There is a lot of entertainment everywhere, from others, from you and from nature. But why are we most of the times not amused by these things or fail to realize the amusement contained in them. We are unwilling or refuse to accept it by spreading it to others. We always want to be entertained, but we do not want to be a medium through which others can be uplifted through entertainment. We always seek entertainment rather a means to be entertained. If we only want to receive, yet fail to give, how do we think such amusement can have footprints in our life and the life of others? Take note that it is always better to give out than to receive.

Making entertainment a memorable event in your life involves one simple question. Ask yourself: do I really want to first, entertain others and secondly entertain myself, and do I want to make this event memorable? A genuine answer to this question will be the decisive point in your life. If your answer is in the negative, and then be given surety that you will never be forced to be entertained and you will never see the value of entertainment in anything you do. Desist from being a social eunuch. But when you accept the simple and only fact that you do want to get others highly entertained, not even minding if you get yourself entertained, you will realize many things in your life. Every instance of entertainment made by you became an unforgettable event, and an event worth remembering is a positive life-changing event. With these come other things in your life which you do not ask for. You will realize the presence of peace of mind, the storm of joy over and around you, and above all, the disappearance of stress from your mind. You will never see the positive impact of amusement in you life. You will only realize it.

Making entertainment have a lasting impact in your life and in the life of others is as simple as anything. You do not need to put up a spirited show or a long outpour of words. Sometimes, a friendly gesture such as personally singing a song to a sick person, telling a story to kids or simply make others laugh is enough.