• 01/12/2023

All About Soccer

All About Soccer

Summary: What is Soccer in a nutshell

Soccer. It is a beautiful game. Fans love it without breaking a sweat. Because watching soccer is almost as good as playing soccer. Fans get involved in the passion of the game, exulting triumph in a victorious game and crying if the supported club lost. No other sports have that kind of passion in an arena.

An Introduction to Soccer

Soccer can be played in the streets as a simple recreation. In fact, the world’s greatest talents of soccer came from the streets. It is played with a ball, and uses the feet for control. Hands cannot be used during the game (except for goalkeepers) but the rest of the body can be.

Though it can be played on the streets for recreation, the ultimate spirit of soccer lies within the 100 plus meters tall football stadiums. It is where the passion of the game is mostly felt. The cacophony of cheering, shouts, cries, and pans, tubs, bottles and everything else being banged on metal railings are there to entice the players to perform well.

The Legends of Soccer

The game of soccer has its own renowned masters since the conception of the game. Of them all, Pelé is considered the best, or Maradona as some would claim. Whoever is the best among them, the line dividing the other’s greatness is so slim that even after a decade (or decades in Pelé’s case) people are still unsure who deserves the title as the “Greatest Footballer of All Time”. Ultimately the title was formally shared between the two greats, but for most soccer fans only the name of Pelé was added with the title.

Pelé was Brazilian and Maradona was an Argentine. Both are equally skilled, Pelé with finesse and Maradona is with raw skill and strength. Both had an equal charisma to lead an entire team and both had the presence that dominated entire matches.

Of all the players actively playing today, Ronaldo is the primary candidate for the title of the best. Equally skilled like the former legends, Ronaldo possesses the raw power, strength, stamina and the innate ability to score. Just how he does it is simply amazing. That’s why he is called the ‘Phenomenon’. Like Pelé, Ronaldo is Brazilian.

The World Cup

The World Cup is the organized play of soccer, and the governing body is FIFA (hence it is called FIFA World Cup). The World Cup is a world soccer championship of all the teams in the world. This championship takes place in a 4-year cycle and the winner is awarded the FIFA World Cup Title. The host country for FIFA World Cup 2006 is Germany who won the right to host the event last June 10, 2000. This is an important world sports event, aside from hosting the best tournament for the best sport, it also attracts tourist, encourages business deals and promotes prestige.